Flaming Lips finish long-touted film

'Christmas On Mars' is finally ready

The Flaming Lips have finished work on their epic film project ‘Christmas On Mars’.

The band have been working on the long-touted flick for several years, but have announced that they finally finished shooting the film in October.

“We transferred it all down to computer land within the last couple of days,” confirmed frontman Wayne Coyne. “Now I just have to remember what it is that we were trying to say.”

Despite its title, the band hope to release the film next summer and are considering taking on the road with them.

“We could take the movie around as well, and not just be playing as the Flaming Lips as a rock band,” Coyne told Billboard. “I’m thinking of taking it to theatres and having it be an experience where we bring in giant sound systems, smoke machines, Christmas lights, shit falls on you from the ceiling and you can smoke pot and do whatever you want. There’s something about the communal experience while something intense and unexpected is happening. I’m sure it will come out on DVD and there’ll be a soundtrack, but that isn’t the real experience.”

Meanwhile the Flaming Lips are continuing work on their forthcoming album ‘At War With The Mystics’, which is due out next year.