Wayne Coyne also tells NME.COM who his ultimate tour partner would be...

Flaming Lips frontman WAYNE COYNE has appeared on the US talk show ‘LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN’ with a black eye, claiming BECK had punched him

But he confessed the full truth of the story to NME.COM.

He explained: “We use a lot of confetti during the show, and occasionally a piece will get into your eye and adhere to it, getting stuck like a contact lens. My eye will get all puffy, and to alleviate people’s feelings of undue sympathy, I put a bandage on it.


“When I went to the show I wore these bandages, and the make-up artist made it look like I had a black eye. So I went on and told everybody Beck had hit me, to stir up some controversy.

“It’s not being disrespectful. He admires us in the same way we admire him. But when you get Beck and The David Bowie on tour, there is an air of absurdity,” he added.

The band return to the UK for dates in January, and Coyne said he wants to invent new ways to keep their notoriously theatrical stage shows lively.

“We started off with one or two people dressed up in animal costumes, ‘furries’ we call them, and as this tour has gone on we’ve now ended up with 25, and I want to have as many we can fit on stage by the end of it. People are turning up and want to do it. So if anyone turns up with a costume at the gigs, we’ll let them on stage.”

The David Bowie singer says he now wants to perform more joint tours, and he has singled out Bjork and [/a].

He said: “If you run into [a], tell him we’re doing this with Beck and we want to go on tour with him. We’ll play what we feel are his best songs, kick him into shape.”