Wayne Coyne and co hand over a wad of cash after it is agreed their 'Fight Test' owes much to Cat's oldie 'Father and Son'...

As Flaming Lips prepare for their GLASTONBURY mainstage appearance tomorrow (June 28), the band will be attempting to shrug off a costly financial hit after they were forced to hand cash to veteran Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) over similarities between their new track ‘FIGHT TEST’ and his classic ‘Father And Son’.

A settlement has been reached between the two sides after similarities were discovered between the two tracks.

A statement posted on Stevens’ website this week says: “It was confirmed today that an agreement has been reached between Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Yusuf Islam) and EMI Music Publishing (Flaming Lips) over the single ‘Fight Test’ and its close resemblance to the Cat Stevens classic, ‘Father and Son’. Royalties from the sale of ‘Fight Test’ will now be divided between both parties according to the agreed settlement.”

Similarities between the two tracks were highlighted when BBC Radio 2 presenter Janice Long played the two songs back to back.

Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne had admitted recently, “It actually sounds like a Cat Stevens song called ‘Father and Son.’ Some guys, like Boyzone, or a Boyzone band, had a hit with that. That song was not really a hit in America.”

He added, “I didn’t really know the song as well, but I do see now that it definitely has got some resemblance with the Cat Stevens’ song. It feels like a sort of re-edition of the sort of story-telling that he did.”