NME.COM finds out - if you're George W. Bush you might not wanna read on...

As the race for the US Presidency comes down to the wire in one of the closest election battles in history, NME.COM spoke to a selection of US rock stars, to find out which way they voted.

Out of the musicians polled, nobody would admit to voting in favour of Republican George W Bush, favouring instead Democrat candidate Al Gore. However, the decision was made not out of choice, but out of a lack of any real alternative.

Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne told NME.COM he would be voting for Gore, because “his opponent is an egotistical retard who’ll probably get us all killed”. He continued: “At the moment I think people would feel more comfortable if the country was run by a super-computer, because people seem to believe without a question anything that’s told to them by a computer.”


His sentiments were echoed by At The Drive-In’s Tony Hajjar. He said: “I’m going to vote for Gore. Have you ever noticed that Bush never has an answer, just a lot of questions! You never seem to get an answer from Bush…I also don’t trust his words or his tone.”

However, there remained a large proportion of stars so disillusioned with the US electoral system, they will not vote at all. Public Enemy’s Professor Griff told NME.COM: “Who will I vote for, Satan or the Devil? Fuck ’em both. I am a black man in a country that is very racist and every kind of president has never done right by us.”

He was backed by the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. He said: “I never voted before in my life. One time they asked me to speak on ‘Rock The Vote’ but I never voted, I never chose a man, I never said ‘This is the better man that’s gonna make my life better’.”

Casey Chaos from Amen said he refused to vote because there is “no choice”. He continued “I will not partake in this charade of an election. It would be the equivalent of a gang bang with an unwilling participant.”

Corey Taylor from Slipknot added: “It’s like trying to choose between boiled shit and fried shit. On the one hand you’ve got Al Gore, husband of Tipper Gore, former head of the PMRC. However, on the other hand you have George W Bush, and his running mate, Dick Cheney. The ‘Bush and Dick’ ticket. I can’t believe no-one saw that coming.”

The result of the 43rd US election currently rests on the outcome of a recount currently being carried out in Florida. The result of this state will determine the outcome of the entire election. Analysts claim the result may not be confirmed for a number of days.

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