The Flaming Lips to appear in X-Men comic

The issue is out in August

The Flaming Lips are making a cameo in an upcoming issue of Marvel’s X-Men comic.

The Oklahoma band will appear in a new version of the original series that, fittingly, takes place in the 90s, Billboard reports. In the spinoff, titled ‘X-Men ’92′, Professor X’s band of misfits appear as they did during nineties. Many will be familiar with the characters’s colourful costumes as they formed the basis of the popular animated children’s television show.

The sixth issue of the series will see the X-Men drafted in to protect the Flaming Lips during the concert. The cover, which you can see below, features a confused looking Wayne Coyne looking on while Wolverine slashes Sentinels.

“Being in an X-Men comic where they (the X-Men themselves) actually run security at one of our shows… I should have written a song about that,” Wayne Coyne said in a statement. “I mean… before it really happened.”

Texas rockers The Toadies are also making an appearance in the August issue.

“Unbelievably cool!” said Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek of the cameo. “As a lifelong fan of comics in general, and X-Men in particular, I couldn’t be more excited that the Toadies are appearing as characters in X-Men ’92!!”

“As an X-Men fan since 1977 this is a dream come true. Five year old me would do a Kool-Aid spit take on this news,” Toadies bassist Doni Blair added.