The Flaming Lips share cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ – listen

The track comes from a joint four-track covers EP from the two bands

The Flaming Lips have shared their cover of Tame Impala‘s ‘Elephant’.

Click above to watch a video of the band playing their version of the song, which is taken from a joint EP put out by the two bands. The EP is available at shows they are currently joint headlining in North America. The Flaming Lips have covered ‘Runway, Houses, City, Clouds’ as well as ‘Elephant’ for the special vinyl release, while Tame Impala have contributed live recordings of The Flaming Lips’ ‘Are You a Hypnotist?’ and ‘Silver Trembling Hands’ to the EP.

The Flaming Lips shocked fans last week by announcing that they were to split but the Oklahoma-based band apparently changed their minds 18 minutes later. The news came via two tweets from the band’s official Twitter account, which have both since been deleted. The first, as Rolling Stone reports, said: “We have sad news. We’ve broken up…”.

As fans and media reacted to the shock news, a second Tweet appeared, reading: “lol just joking guys.” A spokesperson for the band confirmed that the first announcement was “not true”.

A further tweet, which remains on the page, says “That last announcement was a bit premature,” accompanied by a picture marking the band’s 30 year anniversary this year. Amid the confusion, singer Wayne Coyne tweeted from his personal account: “The Flaming Lips twitter has been hijacked!!!!”