The Flaming Lips to record six-hour-long song

The epic track is being prodcued to raise money for charity

The Flaming Lips are currently recording a six-hour-long song.

The band are recording the epic ‘Found A Star On The Ground’ to raise money for both the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.

For $100, fans can have their name put into the lyrics of the song and will hear frontman Wayne Coyne sing their name. For more information, visit

Last month $800,000 (£550,000) worth of The Flaming Lips‘ own equipment was destroyed when a lighting rig for a gig in Tulsa, Oklahoma, collapsed – causing the show’s cancellation.

As reported by News OK, strong wind and rain brought the rig down onto the band’s equipment.

Wayne Coyne was said to have rushed onstage to secure the instruments as the storm worsened. Between grabbing guitars and amps, Coyne took to Twitter, and let fans know what was going on: “FUCK!!!! Wind and rain destroyed the stage !!!!!”, he tweeted before adding, “Show is cancelled!!!! Devastation!!!”

Coyne also said he thought he was going to die via the social network site, before noting that the only injury was some speakers and instruments.