The Flaming Lips play ‘secret’ show in LA

Wayne Coyne reveals that his band re-recorded landmark Pink Floyd album

The Flaming Lips gave a stripped-down, intimate performance for a handful of fans in Los Angeles yesterday (October 15) to mark the release of their new album, ‘Embryonic’, which came out in the US earlier this week.

Wayne Coyne and company abandoned their usual fanfare including exploding confetti cannons, dancers in fancy dress and life-size bubbles to deliver a straightforward, five-song set at their MySpace Secret Show at the 1,000 capacity Nike/Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood.

Before the show began, Coyne asked the audience to use Twitter to send questions to the band that they would answer during an impromptu question-and-answer session. During the Q&A, Coyne revealed that the band have been recording a cover of Pink Floyd‘s landmark 1973 album, ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, featuring cameos by Peaches and Henry Rollins. He said that he does not know when it will come out, but rumour has it that it will most likely be released exclusively as a digital download via iTunes.


Coyne also said that The Flaming Lips will likely give a series of shows during which they will play their 1999 album, ‘The Soft Bulletin’, in its entirety.

During the brief set, the band focused exclusively on tracks from the new album. While performing ‘I Can Be A Frog’, which features vocals from Yeah Yeah YeahsKaren O on the album, the audience filled in for the singer, making loud animal sounds at the band’s behest. Coyne praised the crowd for participating and not worrying about “being cool.”

Earlier in the day, hundreds of fans queued around the block to visit The Flaming Lips‘ makeshift “pop-up store”, which was housed inside the theatre for just one day.

The Flaming Lips played:

‘Convinced Of The Hex’
‘Silver Trembling Hands’
‘See The Leaves’
‘I Can Be A Frog’
‘Watching The Planets’

–By our Los Angeles staff.