The Fratellis play new songs at The Great Escape

Band play headline slot at the Brighton bash

The Fratellis played a headline slot at The Great Escape festival last night (May 16) at the Brighton Dome, previewing new material from their forthcoming second album, ‘Here We Stand’.

The Glasgow band played a 17-song set, finishing with their huge hit ‘Chelsea Dagger’.

Lead singer Jon Fratelli acknowledged that the band were playing a lot of unfamiliar material. “Thanks for being so patient with all the new songs,” he said during the set.


Melodic new single ‘Mistress Mabel’, out later this month, was a clear hit with the audience.

Other new songs including ‘Tell Me A Lie’ and ‘My Friend John’ received almost as many cheers as old favourites ‘Baby Fratelli’ and ‘Henrietta’.

New song ‘Look Out Sunshine’ in particular seemed to strike a nerve with the crowd, suggesting that they may have found their new ‘Chelsea Dagger’.

“It’s been such a cool night, it’s been just what we needed, thank you,” said Jon Fratelli before leaving his band off stage following the aforementioned ‘Chelsea Dagger’.