The Fratellis and The View perform for Mencap

Scottish acts proud to play for charity

The Fratellis and The View continued the Mencap Little Noise Sessions tonight (November 23).

Both bands lent their cause to the charity at the Union Chapel in Islington with acoustic shows dedicated to people with learning disabailities.

Following short sets from The Hours and Mohair, The View kicked off proceedings with a 30 minute performance which borrowed heavily from their forthcoming debut ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’ including hit singles ‘Superstar Tradesman’ and album track ‘Face For The Radio’.


Speaking after their performance singer Kyle Falconer told NME.COM: “We’ve done acoustic shows a couple of times before and none of them have ever been that good but it was great to play a show like this with a bit of spontaneity and have a proper drum kit.

“I really enjoyed it, it was good, it was cool. We never really knew it was gonna be acoustic in that sort of vibe and nobody knew it was gonna be in a church. I was swearing a bit at the beginning of some of the tunes and didn’t realise I was in a church and then I changed some of the lyrics to double dutch so I could make myself feel better ha ha.”

Fellow Scottish outfit The Fratellis headlined the night with an hour set which saw singer Jon Fratelli, who was dressed in a sleeveless black t-shirt, kick off proceedings on his own for the first four tracks.

Bassist Barry Fratelli joined him for ‘Ole Black N Blue Eyes’ before drummer Mince Fratelli joined the show for ‘Creeping Up The Backstairs

The gig culminated in a climactic finish which saw the crowd on their feet, singing the catchy intro to hit single ‘Chelsea Dagger’.

Speaking afterwards Jon said: “It was great to play tonight and a totally different atmosphere than what we’re used to because we were able to sing songs and not get caught up in the excitement of a gig when people are cuddling each other.


“Normally we play quicker and sing the songs a bit less and shout them a bit more. Tonight playing in a chapel was bizarre but it was fucking good fun. We got off the train at 4pm and soundchecked and we didn’t even know what we were gonna do so it was very spontaneous. But if we can do something for a good cause then Jesus, we’re not gonna say no.”

The Fratellis played:

‘The Gutterati’

‘Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night’

‘For The Girl’

‘Baby Fratelli’

‘Ole Black N Blue Eyes’

‘Creepin Up The Backstairs’

‘Vince The Loveable Stoner’



‘Whistle For The Choir’


‘Chelsea Dagger’

‘Got Ma Nuts From A Hippie’

The Little Noise Sessions continue tomorrow (November 24) with Amy Winehouse.