The Fratellis’ Jon Lawler “destroyed” stage at Royal ball after demanding to be paid in casino chips

The band performed in Monaco for Princess Caroline in 2009

The Fratellis frontman Jon Lawler has recalled the time he “destroyed” the stage during a Royal ball in Monaco after demanding to be paid in casino chips.

The musician was speaking to the Daily Record about the band filming a new performance for The Late Late Show With James Corden and The Kelly Clarkson Show in promotion of their upcoming new album, ‘Half Drunk Under A Full Moon’ (out April 2).

During the chat, Lawler looked back on playing a show with “Chuck Berry and the Fratellis on the bill” at Princess Caroline’s annual Rose Ball in 2009. “It’s themed and that year the theme was Rock ‘n’ Roll,” he said


‘”It’s kind of shameful really but I decided an hour before I went on that I wouldn’t go on unless I got my share of the fee in poker chips cause it was in a casino.

“Our tour manager, the poor guy, had to spend an hour running around trying to make that happen, cause he really thought we wouldn’t go on and play. I just wanted to see if he would do it and he did it and he actually got my fee in poker chips.”

Lawler continued: “Then, in a fit of rage I promptly destroyed, smashed everything on stage, instruments and amps, and so all the poker chips went to pay for all the damage we caused.”

The singer said that the outburst was “a mix of theatrics and anger”, adding: “I really wanted to do it and sometimes you have to indulge these things.”

The Fratellis were at the height of their indie fame at the time of the Royal performance, having released their Number Two debut album ‘Costello Music’ in 2006 and its Number Five follow-up ‘Here We Stand’ in 2008.


“It was a long time ago and I’m far too lazy now,” Lawler said of his past Rock ‘n’ Roll behaviour.


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