Futureheads side project to release debut album this summer

Hyde & Beast’s ‘Slow Down’ will be out in August

The Futureheads’ drummer Dave Hyde has confirmed that his side-project Hyde & Beast will release their debut album this summer.

The band – which is comprised of Hyde and fellow drummer Neil Bassett from Golden Virgins – will release ‘Slow Down’ on August 15. A track from the LP, ‘Pictures In The Sky’, will also be available as a free download from June 7.

Hyde & Beast revealed their intention to release an album in 2009, while The FutureheadsRoss Millard also spoke about their sound and influences as he claimed: “He [Hyde] is the world’s biggest fan of The Band and The Velvet Underground and a lot of ’60s and ’70s quirky, almost carnival-esque music. I think that’s what the recordings sound like.”

Last year, The Futureheads asked fans to help them pick material for an a capella album. Singer Barry Hyde described making the record as “the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do”, revealing: “There’s only going to be four sounds heard on this album.”

“Essentially, we’re trying to make the most of what our voices can do and it’s going to actually expand our abilities because we’re going to have to work out ways to create different tones between us.”