The band get a scare as they finish their UK tour...

The Futureheads almost landed in trouble with the law at the end of their UK tour last week.

Thursday (July 15) saw the Sunderland eccentrics’ tour of UK working men’s clubs end in spectacular fashion with two shows at the same club at London’s Hammersmith Working Men’s Club.

But they almost didn’t make it. On the way down from the previous night’s show in Glasgow, they stopped for petrol, which the driver forgot to pay for.

A source close to the band told NME.COM: “Two police cars chased them down the motorway with blue flashing lights until they pulled over. Of course they were blissfully unaware what was happening so ignored the sirens for some time thinking it couldn’t possibly have been for them.”

The band made it to the gig safely after clearing up the confusion, which was itself not without drama. Hammersmith Working Men’s Club’s strict licensing regulations meant that the plugs were pulled halfway through their cover of [a][/a]’s ‘Hounds Of Love’ at the end of their second, 11pm set. However, both band and fans made a good job of finishing the song using just acapella harmonies.