The Futureheads’ Barry Hyde to release ‘bipolar’ solo album in June 2016

This will be the Sunderland singer's first solo album

The Futureheads’ lead singer and guitarist Barry Hyde is to release his first solo album, which he describes as “bipolar”, this year.

The Sunderland post-punk band have been on hiatus since 2013, following the release of their fifth studio album, ‘Rant’.

Hyde’s debut solo album will be titled ‘Malody’ and will be released on June 3, 2016 via Sirenspire Records.


Commenting on the release, Hyde explained that the title was inspired by his personal experiences of bipolar. “What is ‘malody’? Malody is a word I have invented, derived from the words, ‘melody’ and ‘malady’. A ‘malody’ is a melody that expresses mental malaise, mental illness and deep sadness or its opposite, mania. I know about these things as I am bipolar.

“This album is a musical representation of what it feels like to experience the extreme states of mind that characterise bipolar existence,” he said. “Like many bipolar people, creativity is central to my life, central even to my illness. This album is a bipolar album, it was written in the rare and exquisite moments of intense creativity that comes in an almost complementary way with the highs and lows. It’s a deep, highly personal catharsis, a document of my experience.”



He added that he album will not be new wave-inspired guitar music, but will instead be based around the piano – his first instrument – and will also feature strings and saxophones, pedal steel and trumpet.

Hyde is offering bespoke songs, improvisations, music lessons and ‘made to order’ piano and orchestral versions of Futureheads songs via Pledge Music, where fans can also preorder the album.

See the tracklisting for ‘Malody’ below:
Monster Again
Crazy Love
While We Were Sleeping
Sometimes It Snows In April
Thunder Song