Futureheads side-project set for debut release

Dave Hyde will form 'Hyde And Beast' for solo project

The Futureheads‘ drummer Dave Hyde is embarking on a solo project.

Working under the name Hyde And Beast, the drummer will form a duo with The Golden VirginsNeil Basset to release an album through the band’s own record label Nul Records.

Talking about the project, The FutureheadsRoss Millard revealed a little about Hyde And Beast‘s influences and what their music sounds like.

“He [Hyde] is the world’s biggest fan of The Band and The Velvet Underground and a lot of ’60s and ’70s quirky, almost carnival-esque music,” Millard explained to BBC 6music. “I think that’s what the recordings sound like,” he added.

A release date for the debut album by Hyde And Beast is yet to be announced.