Futureheads to return with ‘complicated’ new album

Plus band set for live dates later this year

The Futureheads have confirmed that they are to return with a new album soon, which guitarist Ross Millard described as more “complicated” than previous efforts.

Millard told BBC 6music that the follow-up to last year’s ‘This Is Not The World’ would be a step away from their “direct”, poppier last album. It has been produced by Youth and Field Music‘s David Brewis.

“We’ve been putting the finishing touches to the album and it’s ready to go right now,” he said. “We’re really excited about this stuff, we’ve spent a lot of time making this record, and in fact we’ve made a lot of it in the North East for the first time. It feels like we’ve been able to concentrate on things.

“It’s forked off into two directions, our last album was very direct. With this record we didn’t want to do that again, the songs are a lot more complicated. I’ve had to go back to practicing the guitar to even play half these riffs.”

Millard did not say when the band expect to release the album. He did reveal that a tour before Christmas was likely.