The Futureheads urge fans to spark ‘revolution’ against the music industry

Band are 'trying to prove a point' with new single

The Futureheads have urged fans to buy their new single ‘The Beginning Of The Twist’ in order to prove a point to the music industry.

Appearing in a video on YouTube, guitarist Ross Millard and singer and guitarist Barry Hyde, explained the idea behind releasing their new album and single on their own record label, Nul Records.

Hyde said: “We’re trying to prove that bands don’t need to be exploited by record companies in order to make music. We just want to make pure music for your enjoyment.”

Urging fans to buy the single, Millard added: “If we can get this single in the charts on our own terms with the help of our fanbase then that is a real achievement and a real message to the dinosaurs in the music industry that their tried-and-tested techniques aren’t working anymore and the future of music lies with the fans and the artists.”

‘The Beginning Of The Twist’ is released today (March 10), while The Futureheads’ third album ‘This Is Not The World’ is released in May.