The Futureheads kick off V Festival Chelmsford

Sunderland band play in the sunshine at Hylands Park

The Futureheads helped kick off the V Festival in Chelmsford today (August 16), playing an early afternoon set on the V Stage.

The Sunderland band played a set including ‘Decent Days And Nights’ and recent hit single ‘The Beginning Of The Twist’ as the sun shone down on Hylands Park.

A large crowd had already gathered to see the four-piece despite their early billing, prompting the band to ask that festival-goers started the day with a few dance moves.

“Everybody needs to get loose, this song is a tango,” guitarist Ross Millard told the crowd before his band played recent single ‘Radio Heart’.

The band ended their set with ‘Carnival Kids’, although the biggest cheers of the set were reserved for the band’s customary cover of Kate Bush‘s ‘Hounds Of Love’, which prompted many fans to rush to the front to dance.

The Futureheads played:



‘Decent Days And Nights’


‘Radio Heart’

‘Think Tonight’

‘Walking Backwards’

‘Skip To The End’

‘The Beginning Of The Twist’

‘This Is Not The World’

‘Hounds Of Love’

‘Carnival Kids’

‘Man Ray’

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