The Futureheads record new album in three weeks

Band report on speedy sessions in Spain

The Futureheads have almost completed work on their third album.

The band have been working on the as-yet untitled follow-up to 2006’s ‘News And Tributes’ in Andalusia with producer Youth.

Writing on his blog on the band’s official website, guitarist Ross Millard described the process as “our best recording experience yet”.

He wrote: “We’ve been as busy as we ever have over the last six months -we started the year writing and rehearsing for the third album, and, after playing some of our best shows in Austria, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Sweden we jetted off to Granada in Spain to make the new record.

“And I’m pleased to say it’s pretty much finished!”

And Millard revealed that sessions for the LP were wrapped up in a speedy manner.

He said: “We spent three weeks (yes, just THREE WEEKS – record time for the Futuremen!) in Andalusia with Youth making the as-yet-untitled (of course!) third album! It was our best recording experience yet because it was the first one that hasn’t involved any kind of nervous breakdown/exhaustion/bleak-Yorkshire-farmhouse-in-the-middle-of-winter! The energy is back, and the songs are tighter, faster and, dare I say it, a bit more playful than before.

“We’ve changed the way we write a little bit – I’ve been writing songs for Barry (Hyde) to sing, which he’s taken to like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself – Dave (Hyde)’s got some riffs in there, Jaff‘s realized his dream of becoming the ultimate back-up singer – it’s all going well so far!”

The record is expected sometime in 2008.

It’s not currently clear which label it will be released on, after the band left 679 Recordings last year.