Futureheads star launches his own record label

Ross Millard's first signings perform a storming show

The FutureheadsRoss Millard launched his indie record label on Saturday night (February 10).

The guitarist kicked off his new venture with a party at Newcastle’s Hatton Art Gallery featuring performances form The Futureheads, plus members of the region’s hottest established and up-and-coming bands.

The night also celebrated the release of the debut single by Longest Mile Recordings’ first signings Catweasels.

Speaking to NME.COM, Millard explained what prompted him to start the label with friends Paul Reed and Nick Jackson.

“After doing the band for so many years you realise how the cogs of the [music industry] machine work,” he explained. “Stuff is so exciting up here [in the North East] but people are so naive about how it works – we’re just trying to facilitate some younger bands.”

Catweasels played a raucous half-hour set, which included both their debut single, ‘This Is Just The Night Time, Andy’ and B-side ‘Metty Move Mountains’.

Explaining what drew him to Catweasels, Millard said: “Sometimes you find it’s very hard not to get cynical about the music industry, but then you see a band like Catweasels and you forget about all that because they’re so exciting to watch.

“They’re not cynical bastards, they’re excitable young people. It’s massively refreshing to come home and see that’s continuing to prosper.”

Speaking after the gig, Catweasels frontman Sam Megahy said he was grateful to Millard for finally being able to put out a record.

“Because we’ve been around for such a while, it’s great to finally have something physical in your hands,” he declared.

‘This Is Just The Night Time, Andy’ is released today (February 12) and Catweasels will be playing an in-store show at Newcastle indie record shop RPM to mark its release.