The Futureheads back with criminal record

The band reveal all about 'Area'

The Futureheads have announced a surprise EP to finish off 2005, despite claiming they were disappearing to record their second album.

‘Area’ – a firm live favourite since it was written on the road in the US – is released on November 28, accompanied all new material.

’Area’ is about how crap it is to be burgled and the paranoia of having security issues about where you live and where you’re from,” explained guitarist Ross Millard, adding the song was inspired by the band’s personal experience.

“I was a student and I got burgled and Barry and Dave (Hyde – singer and drummer) have been burgled in their family house. There are these people on the prowl and the song is saying that no matter where you are in the country there are areas of every town which get exploited by criminals.”

Frontman Barry Hyde takes on vocal duties for ‘Area’, but the EP is an all round Futureheads effort with ‘Help Us Out’ being sung by Millard, while ‘We Cannot Lose’ sees bassist Jaff take to the mic.

“We concentrated on doing the B-sides,” Millard explained. “They’re strong ones; they’re not just improvised jams.”

‘Area’ will not feature on The Futureheads’ second album, which the band now promise they’re going to get on with for a release next year.

“We thought it would be a good idea to put it out as a single and not have it on the next record because it makes it makes it a bit more special for people who like the band,” said Millard. “It makes it a little bit more collectable and means that next year when we come back with more new material it could be very different.”