The band get their families down for the Orange Evolution Festival...

The ORANGE EVOLUTION FESTIVAL rocked NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE yesterday (May 30) with performances from SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, Clash, HARD-FI, former The Futureheads legend MICK JONES’ new band CARBON/SILICON and a triumphant North East homecoming for The Futureheads.

Over 30,000 people turned up for the free event taking place on the Newcastle And Gateshead Quayside. [a][/a] told NME.COM they were excited about being home – if only for a brief time.

“We’ve got a flight to America at seven in the morning,” guitarist Ross Millard told NME.COM, shortly before their headline slot. “But my family are coming down today, and I haven’t seen any of them in ages with us being in America all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing them all. My Nana and Granddad are coming!”

“We’re playing for an hour,” chuckled Ross, “and our songs only last 90 seconds each so we’re going to have to play everything we know!”

The guitarist also revealed details of new song ‘Area’. He continued: “I think it’s about Barry getting burgled the other year, and how uneasy he felt living in Sunderland after that. Barry and Dave are more paranoid about being beaten up than other people. Sometimes it gets silly. When we go on tour we’ll be in some amazing place and Dave will be like, ‘I think we should stay in the hotel.’ He won’t come out because he thinks it’s too dangerous.”

The band drew capacity crowds for their headline performance, prompting hysteria from their audience, and several handmade flags and banners reading “We love Jaff” and “Dave is great” in the front rows.

Opening with recent single ‘Decent Days and Nights’, the band played album songs ‘Meantime’, and ‘Man Ray’, before returning to the stage to encore with ‘Le Garage’ and the acapella ‘Danger Of The Water’.