They will be replaced in London by one very naughty boy...

The Futureheads have been forced to pull out of two gigs this weekend.

Sunderland’s finest were due to play at the Frog club at the London Mean Fiddler tomorrow (September 4) and one at Brighton Concorde 2 on Sunday, but have had to cancel at the eleventh hour in bizarre circumstances.

The band’s management have issued the following starement: “Ross returned to Newcastle to find his flat, which he shares with his girlfriend, ransacked. His girlfriend is safe and well but a little shaken up as she was in the house during the burglary!

“That said, The Futureheads are going to be on tour, give or take, for the next three months. The Futureheads’ management feel it is the best for all parties, especially Ross, if he spends these next few days with his girlfriend before they fly to New York on Tuesday 7 September. The band are in agreement with this and will lend their support!

“However, as tonight’s show is in their home town, we will carry out tonight’s commitment at Bar 36 in Sunderland. I only leave this show as it stands because it means a lot to the band, including Ross!!”

They will be replaced at Frog by Pete Doherty and Babyshambles.