The band triumph before 48,000 celebrating football fans...

The Futureheads have played the biggest gigs of their lives – in front of 48,000 celebrating football fans!

Playing in the centre circle of the pitch, The foursome played a four-song set yesterday afternoon at Sunderland FC (May 8), including their Kate Bush cover ‘Hounds of Love’, and forthcoming single ‘Decent Days and Nights’.

“We were totally up for doing it because football’s so important to the region,” said guitarist Ross Millard. “I don’t think there are many places other than the North East that have that passion about football. I think there’s a sense that that’s all the region had for a long time. We didn’t have to think hard about doing it.”

And Ross was excited that The Futureheads had been part of his hometown’s big day.

He added: “It’s a good day for the club. They’re promoted, it’ll bring loads of money to the region, and it’ll help everyone out. We’re here to do this, and it’s a nice way to be proud of Sunderland for the day.”

Although it seems the band came into some trouble with Samson, the club’s Black Cat mascot.

“Samson knocked Barry’s guitar out of tune!” said Ross. “But I got to do the Brian May back to back guitar thing with him!”

After watching their hometown team Sunderland AFC beat Stoke 1 – 0 and lift the Coca-Cola Championship trophy at the Stadium of Light, the band hot-footed over to nearby Herrington Country Park for prepare for their headlining spot on the second stage of Radio 1’s One Big Weekend.