The band are ready to debut new material, and are looking forward to going home for Radio 1’s Big Weekend…

The Futureheads have given NME.COM a sneak preview of material for their second album.

The band, who are currently on the road in North America, admitted that with tours planned the world over for the rest of this year, it’s unlikely they’ll start a follow-up to their debut ‘The Futureheads’ soon, but that’s not stopped guitarist Barry Hyde from getting cracking.

Hyde revealed that he’s written new song ‘Areas’ which the band are playing live – and it should get its UK debut when they tour next month.

“I’ve been writing a few songs about crime,” he explained. “What I’m trying to do is write songs about morbid things but make them really joyous on the ear. ‘Areas’ is about going to places and ending up in the wrong side of town, places that have just let to rot.”

Hyde added that the band expected to bring more new songs into the set throughout the year, but was confident for their second record.

With The Futureheads busy touring, the singer admitted the band were feeling a little bit homesick and were looking forward to playing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend (May 7-8) in their hometown Sunderland.

“It’s great for us, but it’s also great for Sunderland. Generally bands completely skip the north east of England so to have something like this in Sunderland is incredible,” he declared, “We’ve got 200 people coming down. People we went to school with, plus the whole family – even grandmothers!”