The Game’s manager accused of using Interscope Records for drug trafficking ring

Lady Gaga and MIA's record label mixed up in cocaine trafficking drama

Interscope Records has allegedly been used by a drug trafficking ring, who were using the label’s equipment cases to send cocaine from Los Angeles to New York, with the cases stuffed with cash on the return trip.

James Rosemond was arrested three months ago on drugs trafficking charges, accused of transporting drugs and money across the United States. It is not thought that Interscope knew about the trafficking and it is also not yet know how Rosemond‘s people were able to access Interscope‘s headquarters to get to the equipment cases, reports the Daily Mail.

Rosemond – also known as Jimmy Henchmen – was in charge of management company Czar Entertaiment, who look after The Game, amongst others.

When the cases arrived in New York, a recording studio was allegedly used to take the cocaine and replace it with the cash payment. The cases were shipped by Rockit Cargo, however, it is not alleged that they were complicit with the drugs trafficking.

Neither Rockit Cargo or Interscope Records have commened. Rosemond is denying the charges against him.