The Game answers school gun charges

Rapper pleads not guilty to wielding a weapon

Rapper The Game has pleaded not guilty to charges of wielding a gun in a Los Angeles school.

The star had been charged with carrying a firearm, making criminal threats and exhibiting a weapon at a place for minors, after he allegedly wielded a pistol during a basketball game at the Rita Walters Educational Complex in Los Angeles on February 24 this year.

According to police reports, The Game punched a rival player, then retrieved a gun from his car and threatened to shoot him, reports BBC News.

Rodrick Shannon, the player at the receiving end of the alleged threat, testified against the rapper.

The case continues.

Meanwhile, The Game was also given a conditional discharge for the unrelated charge of impersonating a police officer. Manhattan Criminal Court heard how he ordered a taxi driver to drive through red lights last year, after claiming he was a police officer.