Just in time for the album release…

50 Cent and THE GAME have put an end to their feud.

The two rappers called a truce after an escalating series of incidents that led to 50 Cent throwing Game out of his G-Unit entourage after a recent spat outside a New York radio station ended with shots being fired.

Announcing the truce in a statement ahead of a press conference in Harlem yesterday (March 9), 50 Cent said: “I’m launching a new foundation, the G-Unit Foundation Inc, to help people overcome obstacles and make a change for the better in their lives… to help them overcome their situations. I realised that if I’m going to be effective at that, I have to overcome some of my own. Game and I need to set an example to the community.”


Game added: “I see this is a real opportunity to show the power of our community. 50 Cent and I are proving that real situations and real problems can be solved with real talk. This can also be seen as a big step for my organisation, Black Wall Street, in terms of making a difference. Maybe we can help save some lives… the way rap music saved mine.”

Then, according to MTV News, at a combined appearance at the Schomburg Centre, 50 Cent addressed a crowd which included Reverend Run and Russell Simmons, saying: “In the shadow of the untimely death of 50 Cent – today marks the anniversary of his death – we’re here today to show people we can rise above even the most difficult circumstances and together we can put negativity behind us.”

His wayward protégé then told the assembly: “I’m almost ashamed to have participated in things that went on the past couple of weeks. I’m here, I’m apologetic. On behalf of myself and 50 Cent, we’re making a statement that is a lot louder than just two voices. We’re showing you that you can control your destiny, your future… Not only am I gonna control mine, I’m gonna control mine in a productive and positive way.”

The duo made a joint donation of $253,500 to the Boys Choir Of Harlem, the world-renowned vocal group who appeared on Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’. They also donated an undisclosed sum to the Compton Unified School District’s music programme.

It is not known whether Game has now been re-instated into G-Unit.

In unrelated news, 50 Cent’s new album ‘The Massacre’ was released this week.