Watch The Game beef with Meek Mill as he threatens to “beat his ass”

The two rappers have a beef, though it's not known why

The Game and Meek Mill seem to have a beef, although it is not currently known why.

During his gig in Miami last night (September 15), The Game dissed Meek Mill from the stage, saying: “Aye, Meek Mill snitching on me. I never heard of that. Fuck that n***a.”

“I just wanna beat that n****’s ass one good time,” he continued. “When you see me n****, square up. It ain’t gotta be about no guns. Fuck Meek Mill.” Watch fan footage of The Game dissing his fellow rapper on stage below.


Meanwhile, The Game also references Meek Mill in his new track ’92 Bars’, which he dropped earlier this morning (September 16). The track also name-checks Nicki Minaj, whom Meek Mill is believed to be dating, and Drake, who has a long-running beef of his own with Meek Mill.

“Ever since that n***a snitched on me, we just don’t speak,” The Game raps on the track. “See, that shit you got with Drake was like a slow leak / Blood will be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek / Nicki won’t get no sleep / I’m coming through at 4 a.m. / Four deep / Leave his dead body on his soaked sheets.”

Listen to ’92 Bars’ below.