The Game donates $10,000 to pay for funeral of six-year-old girl

Gift is part of the rapper's Robin Hood Project to give away $1m (£636,050) of his own money before Christmas

Rapper The Game has reportedly donated $10,000 (£6360) towards the cost of a funeral for a six-year-old girl who was killed outside her Los Angeles home last weekend.

The girl, Tiana Ricks, was fatally shot when two men opened fire outside of her family’s home in Moreno Valley. Her father was also wounded. The two gunmen have not been found.

After reading about the shooting, The Game tweeted, “This very sad story hit me in a place nothing ever has… Tiana did not know she was shot & kept asking was her father okay.”

TMZ reports that The Game tracked down the family and pledged $10,000 to cover the cost of the funeral, which is taking place on Saturday (September 14). Speaking to TMZ, Tiana’s mother Marquia Macklin says that she is grateful but the money will not pay for the whole funeral. She said: “Game told me that he heard about my story and was really sorry. He said that he wanted to help out and put me in touch with his financial team… It costs so much to bury her… sadly $10,000 only covers half of the casket and the plot.”

The Game recently announced his intention to give away $1m of his own money to good causes before Christmas, an initiative he’s calling The Robin Hood Project. Explaining his motives on the project’s Instagram hub, he wrote: “The other day I posted this pic of an African child I met in Australia playing outside the grocery store. His story of his families hardships & struggles to get away from the terror they left behind touched me so I gave him what I had on me… Which was an Australian $20 bill. As the days passed, I thought about him over & over & over & the only thing that bothered me about that night was that I didn’t have more on me to give him at that time. For some reason I just didn’t bring more money from the hotel. Since I can’t shake that feeling… I have decided to give $1,000,000 to people I come in contact with around the world everyday until Christmas.”

So far, he has given away $10,220.