The Game sparks homophobia Twitter row with Perez Hilton

Rapper ignores his criticism and says his Tweets are 'just comedy'…

The Game has sparked a Twitter row about homophobia with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Hilton criticised the rapper for posting “hateful and homophobic” messages on his Twitter account @thegame, but the hip-hop star replied by insisting his posts were “just comedy”.

The Game, who last year claimed a number of hip-hop stars were in the closet, published a series of messages including “If you look any other way but straight while you pissin’ you got that #FagSwag” and “If you cried when the ship sank in Titanic… You got that #FagSwag”.

Hilton responded by posting:

@thegame It’s disheartening to see hateful and homophobic messages like the ones you’ve been Tweeting. #AspireToGreatness!

The Game insisted that Hilton had blown the argument out of proportion, however, replying: “@PerezHilton this is comedy…. Stop gettin ya panties all inna bunch… That’s #FagSwa.”

The row comes shortly after A$AP Rocky spoke out over the issue of homophobia in hip-hop and claimed that the genre will “fail” unless artist become more open-minded about sexuality. The rapper – real name Rakim Mayers – said that while pop “doesn’t discriminate against people”, hip-hop is “so retarded” when it comes to issues of sexuality and homophobia.