The Game says he would only take on 50 Cent in a ‘Verzuz’ battle

"[50 Cent] is the only person I would even entertain doing a 'Verzuz' with"

The Game has said that he would be willing to take part in a Verzuz battle – but only if he was pitted against 50 Cent.

The California rapper was asked in a new interview about taking part in the ongoing online rap/DJ battle series, which began earlier this year during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Power 106 Los Angeles radio station’s L.A. Leakers (Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk), The Game spoke about the possibility of battling his long-term rival 50 Cent on Verzuz.


“You can’t really talk about 50 Cent and hip-hop without somebody bring up Game, and you definitely can’t say Game without somebody saying: ‘But, oh, 50 wrote all your hits. You ain’t shit without 50,” he said.

“It’s a Game and Fif, and Fif and Game thing. And so, as far as the Verzuz is concerned, that is the only person I would even entertain doing a Verzuz with, because it just makes the most sense and nobody else can really go with me.”

The Game added: “There’s no-one that can do a Verzuz with [Lil] Wayne or a Verzuz with Drake, unless they’re in there with each other … There’s nobody else for me. There’s nobody else but 50. It has to be that, and it is what it is.

“So, I’m not sure that we’re gonna do it – but if we do I’m definitely down to sit in a room with him and have some Le Chemin Du Roi.”

50 Cent spoke about the possibility of doing a Verzuz with The Game last month – on the condition that The Game couldn’t play any records which feature 50 Cent’s vocals.


“Look, as much as we argued and fought in the early stages, I would rather see [The Game] benefit from the momentum than someone else,” 50 Cent told Big Boy. “He’s still a part of G-Unit and is going to be a part of the legacy overall.”

Back in September, 50 Cent confirmed that he was working on a new TV series that will examine his past beef with The Game.

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