The Gaslamp Killer sues for $5 million over rape allegations

Producer has denied sexual assault, claiming that the encounter had been consensual

The Gaslamp Killer has filed a lawsuit following recent rape allegations made against him.

In October, the electronic musician – real name William Benjamin Bensussen – was accused of sexual assault by a Twitter user, who described an alleged incident that she says took place at a party at a Los Angeles hotel in July 2013. The individual claimed that Bensussen “drugged and raped” her and her best friend at the party.

Bensussen later denied the allegations, responding in a statement that he would “never drug a woman” and claiming that the sexual encounter had been consensual. “Please know that while I am shocked, I take this all very seriously,” he said of the accusations.


The producer is now reportedly suing the accuser, her friend and the accuser’s boyfriend – who is said to have shared the story online – for defamation, seeking at least $5 million (£3.8m) in damages. The lawsuit sees Bensussen describe the allegations as “malicious and fabricated” and allege that two witnesses can affirm his innocence.

Following the allegations, both the record label Brainfeeder and LA collective Low End Theory severed ties with The Gaslamp Killer.

Flying Lotus recently apologised after appearing to publicly support The Gaslamp Killer. He told the crowd at a live show: “The internet is a fucking liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fucking law… Let truth and justice have its day.” Flying Lotus later said that his comments had been “insensitive”.

You can read more about the allegations levelled at Gaslamp Killer and his response below: