Seminal emo band The Get Up Kids return after seven years with ‘Maybe’

Hear ye, emo fans

The Get Up Kids have announced new material – their first for seven years – in the form of a new EP and cracking new single ‘Maybe’.

Formed in Missouri in the mid-nineties, The Get Up Kids were a big name in the mid-western emo scene. This new EP, titled ‘Kicker’, is the band’s latest material since their post-reformation album ‘There Are Rules’ which was released in 2011.

The EP drops June 8 and will be released through Polyvinyl, a label home to The Get Up Kids’ emo brethren of that era American Football.


Guitarist and vocalist Jim Suptic spoke on the nature of becoming middle aged, a theme this EP deals with: “You always look back in rose-coloured glasses, and I always remember when this band was really struggling and we were selling our CD collections to pay our rent and that sucked at the time, but looking back that was an amazing time, that was so much fun”

Listen to The Get Up Kids’ comeback single ‘Maybe’ below.

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Check out the tracklist for the four-track EP ‘Kicker’ below and pre-order it here.


1. Maybe
2. Better This Way
3. I’m Sorry
4. My Own Reflection


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