The Go! Team discuss new material

And they’ve done a surprise cover too

The Go! Team have completed recording their new single ’Doing It Right’, which they plan to release in September.

The single will include a cover of Sonic Youth’s ’Bull In The Heather’.

The band also plan to begin work on their second album imminently.

“[The album will] be more experimental in a way. It will still sound like The Go! Team, I think, but there’ll be more stuff like feedback and a kind of bigger production,” The Go! Team leader Ian Parton told Pitchfork. A bigger sounding record in a way, but still in a lo-fi style.”

He added that he wanted to avoid over-producing the new record.

“I don’t really want it to sound super slick or anything like that,” Parton explained. “I think having that kind of homemade feel to it is essential. I want to possibly get a more violent feel to it in some ways, something a bit like Public Enemy. I just want to get a bit more angry. It’s kind of a mix between a blaxploitation soundtrack kind of feel with a discordant guitary sort of thing as well.”