The Go! Team want Kevin Shields

The dance outfit look to the guitarist for second album

The Go! Team are planning to rope in My Bloody Valentine founder Kevin Shields to help produce their second album.

Shields has already worked on a remix of the Brighton collective’s songs ‘Huddle Formation’ and ‘Ladyflash’.

Now The Go! Team leader Tim Parton wants to bring the My Bloody Valentine man on board for the follow up to ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’.

“He’s been bigging us up for a while which is pretty amazing because since I was a kid, even in sixth form bands, I was trying to get them chords going like him,” Parton told NME.COM.

“We’re looking to get him onboard in some capacity. I’ll probably just send him the album and say, ‘What do you think? What are you gonna do on that?’ and he’ll come in and make some noise, get his tremolo arm out and rip it up like that. He always said he wanted to do a garage version of The Jackson 5, and he saw that in us.”

The band are hoping to start recording their second album in their hometown next month.

It is likely to be released in the spring/summer of 2007.

They are also planning to release a completely new single – ‘Do It Right’ in the coming months.

Parton added: “In it’s current form I’m a bit worried that it’s a bit too poppy. It’s the catchiest thing I’ve ever written and as soon as I wrote it, I thought, “Fuck! Did I write that?”. We’ll see if we can give it The Go! Team treatment and make it noisy enough to put out there.”

The dance outfit, who recently completed a series of dates in the UK with Flaming Lips, have also signed up to join Wayne Coyne and co for further dates during their American jaunt in July, including a one-off date at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre where U2 recorded ‘Under A Blood Red Sky’.

The Go! Team have already proven to be a big hit in the States, attracting interest from the likes of ‘The Simpsons’ screenwriters and Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper.

Parton admitted that he is keen for the band to make a cartoon appearance in the animated series which has already seen cameos from the likes of U2 and R.E.M.

He added: “It would be a dream to appear on it (‘The Simpsons’). It’d be stunning. We were angling for that totally when we met the writers. We even got the character who plays Homer (Dan Castellaneta) to say ‘Go Team’ on Ninja‘s video camera.”