The Go! Team: ”Rolling Blackouts’ could be our last album’

Ian Parton says he's not sure his band will continue much longer

The Go! Team‘s third album ‘Rolling Blackouts’ may be their last, according to principle songwriter Ian Parton.

The multi-instrumentalist, who composed The Go! Team‘s debut album ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ alone and built the band round it to tour, was speaking after the album’s release on Monday (January 31).

Talking to BBC 6 Music, Parton said: “We don’t want to do a Jay-Z and say that and then three years later we’ll be, ‘Hey!’ again. But it may well be… the last The Go! Team record. It might be the last year we’re touring, certainly, the band [in their current line-up].”


The band’s rapper Ninja has recorded solo material with producer Richard X in the past and Parton has always maintained that he does not see The Go! Team as a long-term project.

Parton also said he believes ‘Rolling Blackouts’ is “the most eclectic record we’ve done. It’s all over the shop”.

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