The Go! Team play homecoming show at Great Escape

Band perform at late night after party

The Go! Team performed at Brighton‘s Concorde 2 as part of the Great Escape festival in the early hours of this morning (May 16).

The Brighton band performed a nine-song set for the after party held by MTV2‘s Gonzo, taking the stage at 1am (BST).

Despite the late stage time the band were on high-octane form, frontwoman Ninja dancing energetically throughout the set, whipping up a high-energy atmosphere throughout the crowd.


‘Doing It Right’ was a particular crowd pleaser, with fans singing the chorus back at the band as Ninja upped the ante with her frenetic dance moves.

The Go! Team played:

‘The Power Is On’

‘The Wrath of Marcie’

‘Flashlight Fight’

‘Fake ID’


‘Grip Like A Vice’

‘Titanic Vandalism’

‘Doing It Right’

‘Huddle Formation’

‘Keys To The City’