Goo Goo Dolls ex-drummer Michael Malinin sues former bandmates

Malinin claims he was fired when attempting to take paternity leave

The Goo Goo Dolls former drummer Michael Malinin is suing band frontman Johnny Rzeznik and bassist Robert Takac over his firing from the group in December 2013.

As reported by TMZ, Malinin claims the decision to remove him from the band was made when he decided to take paternity leave to be with his wife and newborn baby, despite clearing the few weeks off with the rest of the band in advance.

The move was made apparently at the request of Rzeznik and Malinin received no severance pay despite spending almost two decades in the group. Taking to Twitter last December, he thanked fans for their support and claimed there were no hard feelings. “To clarify, it was not my decision to leave the band. But no grudges held. I wish them all the best.”

Malinin joined founding members Rzeznik and Takoc in 1995 and performed on their 1998 signature hit ‘Iris’.