The haunted box that “cursed” Post Malone was almost opened on Halloween

Thank heavens for that.

The haunted box that “cursed” Post Malone was almost opened on Halloween – but it ultimately proved too large a risk.

Last summer, the ‘Better Now’ musician was involved in an emergency landing after his private jet’s wheels were damaged in-flight, as well as a high-speed car crash. He was also the target of a home invasion where armed intruders broke into a house that used to belong to him.

But only weeks after the incidents occurred, it transpired that he had touched a notorious Dybbuk box that is said to be the “most haunted object in the world”.


Footage from Ghost Adventures‘ showed Malone hanging out with host Zak Bagans at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. As they approached the box, Bagans is seen directly touching it while Malone touches his shoulder.  The pair are then seen running from the room and Bagans later confirmed that it was filmed in June – two months before the musician’s bad luck appeared to begin.

Despite the spooky occurrences, Bagans had vowed to open the box during a live Halloween special of the show on Wednesday night. However, he also told TMZ that he’d only do it if  “he does not feel the same supernatural sensation he and Post felt in the room this summer”.

Ultimately, it seemed like that sensation *did* occur once more – with viewers expressing their anger.

“I am a little peeved they didn’t open the box despite advertising it the whole month, but I’m far more mad at how fucking long they just stood around in that room doing absolutely nothing”, one Twitter user wrote.


Another said: “Nothing says #GhostAdventuresLive like yelling at a box.”

Bagans wrote: “Sorry if we let some of you down for not opening the dybbuk box. With what we were all experiencing inside the room. We felt it wasn’t worth things to get worse especially w/ what we know the dybbuk box has caused before to others and its history.”

Meanwhile, it was yesterday reported that Post Malone has launched his own collection with Crocs. They reportedly sold out in 10 minutes.

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