And producer Owen 'Definitely Maybe' Morris reckons it's one of the best albums he's worked on...

THE HISS have named their debut album after an obscure ’60s art movement featuring “the staged murder of a rabbi and a giant vagina” – and producer OWEN MORRIS has told NME.COM it’s one of the best albums he’s ever worked on.

‘Panic Movement’ is released in mid-August, preceded by a new single. ‘Clever Kicks’, on July 28. NME can reveal the album title is inspired by a series of surrealist art/film happenings in the 1960s.

A source close to the band told NME: “The artists involved used to stage surreal psychedelic happenings. One four hour event featured the slaughter of geese, naked women covered in honey, a crucified chicken, the staged murder of a rabbi, a giant vagina and live turtles/canned apricots being thrown into the audience! The idea is to create chaos.”


Owen Morris, who produced the album, told NME: “This is the most rock’n’roll record I’ve worked on since ‘A Northern Soul’ or Oasis‘ ‘Definitely Maybe’. It compares to those. It’s fucking great! There’s plenty of loud guitars, so you can’t go wrong really. It’s loud and proud.”

The tracklisting for ‘Panic Movement’ is:

‘Clever Kicks’

‘Triumph’ ‘Listen To Me’

‘Back On The Radio’

‘Not For Hire’



‘Ghosts Gold’

‘Lords Prayer’

‘Hard To Lose’

‘Step Aside’

‘Brass Tacks’

On June 20, the band will support [a][/a] in Atlanta, at the request of Jack White. They’ve previously toured with Oasis.