How ironic, eh?....

New HISS bassist JOHNNY KRAL got a rude awakening on his first US tour after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

The band had just played a show at the Congress Club in Tuscon, Arizona (June 28) when Johnny decided to retire to his bunk. As he was drifting to sleep he felt a strange, cold presence crawling up his leg. He then felt a stabbing pain and leapt out of bed to find the snake, which had crawled, had bitten him into his bed.

“I really thought that was it,” Johnny told NME.COM. “And to be bitten by a snake when you’re in a band called The Hiss, it all seems a little freaky.”


>Now well on the way to recovery, Johnny and the boys will hit the shores of the UK next week for gigs before heading back to the US where they will be supporting both Spiritualized and [a][/a].

The UK tour calls at:

Brighton Freebutt (July 16)

Cardiff Club Iforbach (17)

London 100 Club (18)

Nottingham Social (August 11)


Leeds Cockpit (12)

Manchester Roadhouse (13)

Glasgow Nice & Sleazy (14)

Liverpool University (15)

Wolverhampton Little Civic (16)

Oxford Zodiac (17)

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