The Hives being sued for alleged plagiarism

A Los Angeles songwriter claims the band ripped off his song

The Hives are set to be sued for alleged plagiarism by Los Angeles-based songwriter Jason Shapiro.

Shapiro is planning to sue the Swedish band for allegedly plagiarising his song ‘Why You?’, recorded by the Roofies in 1997 then again by Three Way in 2002, on their 2007 single ‘Tick Tick Boom’, reports the LA Times.

The songwriter claimed that ‘Tick Tick Boom’ uses a vocal melody and riff from his song. He said he consulted a musicologist before deciding to sue.

“He [the musicologist] said the part in question – the main riff and vocal melody – was very similar and its uniqueness led him to believe it wasn’t just a coincidence,” he said. “He also runs it through a background test seeing if any charts from previous songs are close and we were clear on that front.”

Shapiro added: “I absolutely love The Hives and don’t feel great about suing a band I love. But I also feel credit is due where it is due if you borrow a riff.”