Everyone else may be caked in shite, but Reading Festival mud won't touch The Hives...

THE HIVES have told the CARLING WEEKEND: READING festival to “rejoice in the hands” of the band this weekend, as well as revealing exciting details about new material.

Speaking following their packed out appearance in the NME Signing Tent (August 27), the group apologised for the delay in treating fans to their latest album ’Tyrannosaurus Hives’.

Singer Pelle Almqvist told NME.COM: “We’re sorry it took us so long to get over here but now we’re here we should all rejoice in the hands of The Hives and be happy that they’re here playing… because I know I am.”

Talking about meeting the crowds queuing outside of the signing tent, he said: “People stuck our names on things and I really believe that it helps them to a better life.”

The Hives also revealed that they are set to include two new tracks on their forthcoming single ’Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones’, released on October 11.

Almqvist said: “We recorded them a week ago when we had six hours off in Gothenburg. We just really felt the urge to record two songs – two covers, one from the sixties one from the seventies – ’Born To Cry’ by Dion and ‘Little Little’ the rockabilly classic.”

Despite the mud at the Carling Weekend: Reading festival, The Hives remained unfazed by the conditions.

The singer dismissed the suggestion that the band should have worn Wellington boots instead of their trademark white suits and shoes: “The shoes are plastic so they don’t let any mud in… We have to maintain some class here where nobody else does.”

In a message to NME.COM readers, Almqvist said: “Try and stay away from the mud, which basically means stay away from the festival, but you can always wipe the mud off so don’t worry.”

The Hives play later today on the Main Stage, which tonight is headlined by The Darkness.