Howlin' Pelle reveals the real inspiration for current chart smash 'Walk Idiot Walk'...

Hives have hinted that their new single might be an attack on politicians.

As America gears up for its election, bands worldwide have been rediscovering politics as they attempt to galvanise their fans out of voter apathy.

Now, Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist has told MTV about the subject matter of current hit ‘Walk Idiot Walk’.

He said: “It’s kind of adaptable to your own imagination. It’s mostly about the fact that people with the ambition to get into a powerful position, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re able to handle it in a good way. Teachers who can’t teach and leaders who can’t lead – that’s the regular sort of punk rock theme, I guess.”

He also told of how the people in their Swedish hometown help the band keep their feet on the ground as their success accelerates.

He continued: “People pretty much mind their own business (in Fagersta). They know about us because they read about us in the paper, but it’s more like, ‘That’s the guy I beat up in the third grade? And he’s a big rock star?”