The band say they're not worried about the threat of legal action from Burning Heart Records after signing to Universal...

Hives have told NME their ongoing dispute with former label BURNING HEART RECORDS will not delay the release of their new album.

Last week guitarist Nicholaus Arson said that following the band’s multi-million pound move to Universal Records, Burning Heart had no rights to a third album from them – something Burning Heart dispute.

Speaking to NME, he said that any legal dispute would not stop them recording and releasing a new album.

“I’m not worried [that a lack of resolution will prevent the release of a new record] no. It won’t be resolved quickly, but Hives have never been in a hurry to record stuff. We’re going home to do what we like to do. It’s us going home to record, then we’ll see what happens. As of where we are now, it’s up to other people rather than us.”

Arson would not be drawn on the details of the deal – said to be worth £7.5million.

“I don’t think I want to comment on what the deal is'” he said, “apart from confirming that we have signed to Universal Records and as of now I don’t want to say anything more.”

Last week, Burning Heart insisted Hives had a “commitment” to them beyond two albums already released through the label and that they would “vigorously protect our rights”.

Arson rubbished the claim, saying: “BHR/Epitaph did not have the rights to our third album.” He added that Hives were leaving the label because “We have for some time now had extremely serious issues with the BHR/Epitaph label and as a consequence we recently decided not to continue with the label we have been working with for seven years.”

Hives recorded two albums for Burning Heart – ‘Barely Legal’ and ‘Veni Vidi Vicious’. A licensing deal with Alan McGee’s Poptones label saw ‘Your New Favourite Band’, an album made up of tracks drawn from both records, released last year.