The band party with lots of NME competition winners at the London Water Rats...

Hives celebrated rising to Number Seven in the UK album charts at their low-key NME CARLING SHOW show at the LONDON WATER RATS last night (February 10) – and more than 100 NME competition winners were there to see it.

The band found out just two hours before they went on stage that their album, ‘Your New Favourite Band’, had hit the heights in the album charts.

Despite suffering from ‘flu, lead singer Howin’ Pelle told NME.COM after the sweaty, packed gig: “It was fun! I feel popular! We are a very popular group in Britain! The kids love us and they always have. The kids always got us first Hives.”

Of their popularity, he said: “What we actually wanted was to make three

good records and then quit the band and a few years later people would discover what a good band we were. Now though we seem to be popular in our own lifetime so now we have to just make the best music we could. We were happy before we were popular anyway.”

When asked about who exactly svengali Randy Fitzsimmons was, a result of all the hearsay of late, he sighed: “Everyone has been asking us who Randy Fitzsimmons is every day for the past eight years. Every time we get popular, people pick up on that story and ask us about it. It’s nothing new to me. No, I won’t answer that. You curious? It won’t come out unless we say so, ‘cos he wants to be anonymous. If he says he doesn’t want to be anonymous, then that’s fine by us too. So far so good. It’s not our idea to keep it secret, it’s his idea. I guess it sort of freaks people out in these days when you have docusoaps. People want to be famous for no reason and a man who actually wants to do something…well.”