The weary band plan a break from the road after a gruelling year...


have announced they’re taking a break from touring for the rest of this year.

The Swedish rockers announced on their official website A HREF=”” TARGET=”_blank”> that “as far as plans for the rest of the year goes, Hives have scheduled to stay at home for some time and have not booked anything more for the remaining part of 2002”.

The band’s last scheduled performance this year will be at Iceland’s Airwaves Festival on October 19.

The fivesome have had an exhausting year, spent largely touring and doing promotional work, and in a recent UK newspaper interview at the end of their gruelling US tour were described as “looking like zombies”.

Depending on the ongoing wrangle with original label, Burning Heart and new deal with Universal, the remainder of the year may see the band return to the recording studio to record the keenly awaited third album.

In a weary message left this week on the band’s website, guitarist Nicholaus Arson spoke of the band’s successful “contamination” of Tokyo, Osaka, New York, Reading and Leeds.

Of the year’s incessant touring schedule, he said: “As of now only one show left this year. We sometimes have a hard time saying no and I already miss touring. Spending the best of me isolated for a while now though, since it has been rough on my sorry excuse for a human body.”