The Hold Steady announce new single

US NME Rock'N'Roll Riot Tour headliners ready release

The Hold Steady[a] are set release ’Massive Nights’ on October 22.

The band will also release a special double-CD edition of their ’Boys & Girls In America’ album, which is out on November 12. It will include acoustic live tracks recorded at the Fingerprints record store in Los Angeles.

The bonus disc tracklisting is:

‘Cattle And The Creeping Things’

‘Your Little Hoodrat Friend’

‘Chips Ahoy’

‘First Night’

‘You Can Make Him Like You’


‘You Gotta Dance With Who You Came To The Dance With’

Meanwhile the band are set to headline the US leg of the NME Rock’N’Roll Riot Tour.

[a]1990s and [a]Art Brut will also be playing the tour.

Meanwhile, The Hold Steady