The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn shares ‘All These Perfect Crosses’ from Record Store Day release

The Hold Steady frontman is prepping a collection of alternate versions, B-sides and demos

The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn has shared the title track of his upcoming Record Store Day double album, ‘All These Perfect Crosses’.

The band’s frontman is set to release the collection of B-sides, demos and alternative versions of songs from his solo albums ‘Faith In The Future’, ‘We All Want The Same Things’, and ‘I Need A New War’.

‘All These Perfect Crosses’ features on the record alongside a horn version of ‘God In Chicago’, a piano version of ‘Calvary Court’, and a rendition of ‘It’s Never Been A Fair Fight’ that was recorded live at Brooklyn’s Murmrr Theatre in 2019. You can listen to the title track below.


The album is set to be released as part of the annual Record Store Day celebrations. The event was due to take place in April but has since been postponed to June 20 over coronavirus concerns.

The full tracklist for ‘All These Perfect Crosses’ is as follows:

‘All These Perfect Crosses’
‘It’s Never Been A Fair Fight’
‘Ram In The Thicket’
‘Wild Animals’
‘Calvary Court’
‘God In Chicago (horn version)’
‘Eventually I Made It To Sioux City’
‘They Know Where I Live’
‘Sometimes She Doesn’t Call Back’
‘Screenwriter’s School’
‘Three Drinks’
‘Calvary Court (piano version)’
‘Rescue Blues (demo)’
‘Tangletown (demo)’
‘Plattsburgh (acoustic)’
‘It’s Never Been A Fair Fight (acoustic)’
‘Magic Marker (acoustic)’
‘Blankets (acoustic)’
‘Grant At Galena (acoustic)’

The Hold Steady released their latest album ‘Thrashing Thru The Passion’ in August 2019. In a four-star review, NME said: “As ever, The Hold Steady achieve their best work when their playing is loose. When the songs are filtered through the bottom of a shot glass.


“When they sound like the best bar band in the best bar you didn’t know about until the moment that you found yourself in it at 3am in the morning. On the basis of ‘Thrashing Thru The Passion’, that band are back. Great news for rock. Terrible for livers.”